Kibuka - Sushi Bar & Restaurant

  • Seafood
  • International

Kibuka boasts a youthful and informal ambience, and adds a distinctive western touch to its eastern fare.

Basic Info
Carrer Goya, 9 & Carrer Verdi, 64

Metro: L3 (Green) - Fontana

L4 (Yellow) - Joanic

FGC (Ferrocarrils): L6 - Gràcia
932 37 89 94 & 934 15 92 17 (Verdi)

You won’t spot too many Japanese restaurants in the neighborhood of Gràcia, but if you see one, you’ll know it’s probably good. One is Kibuka Group, which actually has three locations in the area. Two are dine-in establishments, while the third, called Fast Kibuka, is take-out only. The first location opened up on carrer Goya offers minimalist design with a youthful and informal ambiance that often has people lining up out the door for a taste of its scrumptious concoctions, based on Japanese cuisine with a distinctively western touch that’s won over even the most skeptical of traditional diners. When you factor in the cozy atmosphere and excellent price/quality ratio, with generous portions and reasonable prices, the result is definitely a win.

This initial success allowed the business to open up a second location, this time on the neighborhood’s biggest thoroughfare, Carrer Verdi. Located next-door to cinemas and the area’s most iconic plazas, like Plaça del Diamant and Plaça de la Revolució, Kibuka Verdi has lots in common with the original location: a small space, soft lighting, tightly-packed tables, and an excellent opportunity to dig in to some sushi with friends or lovers; after all, due to its small size, this probably isn’t the best place to enjoy a meal with a large party.

Both locations offer lunch specials priced between 11 and 13 euros, including appetizer, sushi, special of the day, and choice of dessert. Like we said, it’s a generous meal at a reasonable price. And because two delicious locations isn’t quite enough, Kibuka also opened a third spot, where all meals are for take-out only. Fast Kibuka offers the same menu and the same attention to detail, but without room for dining-in, so all meals are prepared to be enjoyed at home, in the park, or at the office.

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Until the end of the 19th century, the Gràcia district was an independent town of Barcelona, but it ended up being integrated; although it still conserves its low houses and its rich cultural and artistic life.

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