La Antigua de México

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Tortilla factory producing 100% Mexican corn tortillas made without additives or preservatives.

Basic Info
Carrer de Torrijos, 50

Metro: L3 (Green) - Fontana
L4 (Yellow) - Joanic
622 27 55 86

Aztec cuisine has deep roots in Barcelona, exhibited in a wide array of restaurants each with their own unique flavor. Along those lines, the neighborhood of Gracia is home to one of the city’s best-loved tortilla factories: the Antigua de México, which churns out fresh tortillas made with 100% Mexican corn, and without additives or preservatives. The final product is ready to eat straight out of the oven, but also ready to ship to the city’s finest restaurants, seeing as this business is also a commercial wholesaler and distributor.

Indeed, this place is much more than a factory. Inside, it also has its own food truck, one of the best places to order a burrito or a taco when in Gracia. And, since it’s on wheels, the truck has made the most of its engine, participating in the city’s major food and catering events ever since the Street Food boom took off.

Ever loyal to its Aztec spirit, the business adds inimitable character and cultural vibrancy to any space or celebration, with the vibrant colors and spices of its native region. And when it comes to the food itself, the offer is no less appetizing, with 100% fresh and natural recipes embodied in all sorts of different dishes, and paired with amazing homemade drinks you can enjoy on the premises as you exclaim,  ¡Viva México!

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Until the end of the 19th century, the Gràcia district was an independent town of Barcelona, but it ended up being integrated; although it still conserves its low houses and its rich cultural and artistic life.

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