Ramen Ya Hiro

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The word on the street is that this tiny joint in Gracia serves up the best ramen in the city.

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carrer Girona, 164

Metro: L4 (Yellow) & L5 (Blue) - Verdaguer

930 02 84 41

Arriving hungry to this well-known Japanese restaurant in Gracia might not be the best idea, since you’re probably in for a lengthy wait. That’s because this tiny spot doesn’t accept reservations, and it’s so popular that people are going in troves, creating hour-long waits in the middle of the day, and sometimes two-hour waits in the evening hours. But that’s what it takes if you really love ramen, the ever-popular Japanese noodle dish. This simple concoction has become an art form, and the most prominent food reviewers have unanimously decreed that this is the best spot for ramen in Barcelona. That must be why folks are lining up, patiently waiting in rain, sleet, or snow to sample the fare. The ramen is worth it.

According to the owners, the secret to this succulent Asian dish is all in how it’s prepared, and a large part of that requires slow looking over low heat, for a really long time. Indeed, it can take up to 15 hours overnight to prepare the perfect broth for the next day. And everything is done by hand, with employees working in shifts to control the process closely and carefully at all times. The artisanal quality of this food is surely one of the keys to its success. The menu offers a vast array of varieties when it comes to the classic ingredients, soy, miso, and seafood. And the noodles are all homemade on the premises, evidenced beautifully by the pasta machine that sits at one end of the bar.

The menu also offers seasonal variations, like cold ramen in summer months, incorporating the day’s freshest ingredients, as well as a rotating selection of appetizers, from the beloved gyozas to onigiri, edamame, tofu, and salads, all on offer with the daily lunch special, which includes ramen, salad or gyoza, and a beverage for just 12 Euros. It’s perfect for those who work nearby and want to pop in for a quick lunch, as is common practice in the homeland that inspired this one-of-a-kind establishment.

  • Long queue, worth the wait!

    I have never been to restaurant and had to queue up about 50 meters down the road. But if you grab a can of beer and chat with your friends, the time passes quickly and its rewarded with probably the best ramen you can get outside of Japan.

  • Unexpected japanese experience in Barcelona :)

    Altough we waited more than 1 hour for a table, it was definitely worth it. Together with friends we enjoyed perfect ramen with gyoza. I would recommend to visit if you are asian food lover.

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