La Vermu

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This classic, cozy tavern is perfect for enjoying a vermouth in the afternoon, and indulging in one of Catalonia’s age-old traditions.

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Carrer de Sant Domènec, 15

Metro: L3 (Green) - Fontana 

FGC (Ferrocarrils): L6 - Gràcia

Long before American TV shows introduced the phenomenon of grabbing beers with friends during the cocktail hour, Catalonia was the land of wines and vermouths. While this rich tradition was never completely forgotten, there’s no denying that it’s had a major comeback within the last ten years, re-establishing itself as a pastime that’s not only acceptable, but also inordinately cool. Since Barcelona’s hippest watering holes are also its oldest, they’ve stood the test of time and are now experiencing an exciting rebirth, thanks to the many hipsters who’ve cultivated a profound appreciation for classic pizzerias, menus scrawled on chalkboards, and minimalist design featuring oak bars infused with the woody aromas of wine.

One iconic example of this can be found at La Vermu, located on Calle Sant Domènec, along the north end of Plaza Vila de Gracia. A classic vermouth bar since its dawning days, this establishment is now a hotspot for meeting up with friends on a weekend afternoon to enjoy housemade vermouth. Its retro style can be observed all the way from across the street, as seen in its red wooden door and old-school signage, dating back to the 1950s or 60s. Once inside, customers can choose from a delightful array of vermouths, including a housemade version from Vilafranca, a black vermouth from Montsant, or a white vermouth, with a subtle bitterness that comes as a pleasant surprise to the palate. For those who find this sort of beverage a little too strong for the daylight hours, there’s also a wide selection of beers, all made in Barcelona, as well wines of all varietals, seasons, and flavors.

Whatever you wind up opting for, you have to admit that for the uninitiated, a glass of wine or vermouth can be a bit much on an empty stomach. That’s why La Vermu also serves up a wide variety of tapas and small plates to help absorb its delicious spirits. Croquettes, Russian salad, scrambled eggs, housemade potato chips, Catalan sausage, or the aforementioned patatas bravas (potato wedges) are all delicious ways to line your stomach before imbibing. And while the classic time to enjoy this Catalan tradition is typically on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, we should point out that it’s really always a good time for having an authentic Catalan vermouth at La Vermu – in moderation, of course!

  • Nos encanta

    Vamos mucho, es un lugar genial para tomar vermut, estas de charreta, las tortillas están buenísimas. Si vas a gracia de vermuteo es punto obligatorio de parada. Las tapas en general están muy buenas y el personal es siempre muy agradable.
    Por poner una pega, a veces el ruido es excesivo porque el local es muy pequeño.

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