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The only one of its kind in Spain, the museum offers an impressive historical and cultural overview of the influence of eroticism on mankind from the beginning of recorded history.

Basic Info
La Rambla, 96 Bis

Metro: L1 (Red) - Catalunya
L3 (Green) - Liceu & Catalunya
From 10am to 0h

The Museum of Erotica, located in the heart of Barcelona, serves as an interesting, educational, and fun informational resource with a one-track mind, trained on a central and persistent theme in the history of mankind on earth: Erotica.

In this unique Museum of erotic arts and culture, visitors can contemplate the development of this aspect of humanity from diverse cultural contexts, various artistic interpretations, and perspectives from a vast array of fields like anthropology, archaeology, literature, visual arts, historiography, and even antiques.

The Museum’s permanent collection contains over 800 pieces, spread throughout 14 discrete spaces. Boasting high historiographical value, these artifacts explore different cultures’ expression of eroticism in ritualistic and religious ways, as well as in ways that are purely recreational.

Also on site is a contemporary erotica gallery featuring works by prominent international artists.

  • Buen sitio

    Muy buen sitio para visitar, lo recomiendo! Muy entretenido y ademas se aprende un poco de la historia y datos curisosos!

  • Una experiencia inolvidable

    ¡El museo nos ha encantado! Sobretodo porque había mucha información detallada y nos ha servido mucho para guiarnos, ha estado bastante divertido. Estamos seguras al 100% que volveremos.

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