La Boqueria Market

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La Boqueria market has become an iconic Barcelona landmark and a must-see destination on any visit to the city. Indulge in an authentic visual and gastronomic experience right in the heart of Barcelona.

Basic Info
La Rambla, 91
L3 (Green): Liceu
From Monday to Saturday, 8am until 8.30 pm
Handicap-accessible facilities

The heart of Barcelona beats hardest at La Boqueria. In fact, the whole world is vibrant and alive in this amazing amalgam where past and present come together, and the local and exotic blend to perfection. At Sant Josep Market, popularly known as the Boqueria, the residents of Barcelona’s Old City come to do their daily shopping, brushing shoulders with the thousands of tourists who roam the stalls, infatuated by the sounds, smells, and tastes that make this one of the world’s most exciting marketplaces.

Historical records note the presence of a street market in the area as early as the 13th century. In that era, farmers and workers from the outskirts of Barcelona came to the city to sell their products. The overwhelming popularity of this early market over the course of many centuries ultimately landed it a permanent place on the map, and by 1836, the City Hall awarded it a stable location on the site of an ancient convent. Still, the market remained an outdoor one, where stalls had to be protected from the elements. It wasn’t until 1913 that a Gaudi-inspired façade and ceiling was installed, giving the market the atmosphere and aesthetic it retains to this day.

Perhaps because of its modernist façade, or the fine quality of its hyper-local produce, or even the far-fetched exoticism of some of the foods you’ll find here, La Boqueria leaves no one indifferent. Without sacrificing the bare-bones essence or fundamental functionality of a neighborhood marketplace, this iconic spot has made the most of its strategic location at the heart of the Ramblas, capturing the attention of tourists and earning itself a spot on the must-see list of any visitor’s itinerary. That symbiosis means that in addition to the typical products you’d find at any other marketplace in the city, the Boqueria also offers up tropical fruits and rare cuts of meat you’d be hard-pressed to find in other shopping centers in the city.

Wandering through its hundreds of stalls becomes a colorful and intriguing experience that displays fine products from all over the world, while still being a window into the day-to-day goings on of a traditional Barcelona market. It’s only natural that after seeing so many yummy ingredients, you’d get a little hungry, and so the Boqueria also has a number of bars, restaurants, and food trucks where shoppers can get a taste of what’s for sale. It’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to recharge your batteries and fortify yourself as you explore the amazing city of Barcelona.

  • Turístico sabroso y colorido

    Estando en Barcelona no se puede no visitar la boqueria el mercado de la coudad. Uno debe luchar por no comprar y comer de todas las maravillas que se venden ahí.
    Entre los comedores está CLEMENS es el que más me gusta tienen ricas tapas y todo a la vista; la sangria receta especial de ellos es excelente; no dejar de probar los chipirones patatas bravas y pulpo gallego. Ten paciencia generalmente está lleno pero la barra se va desocupando rápidamente

  • Interesante degustacion gastronómica en un solo sitio

    Agradable servicio de todos en todo momento y productos frescos a precios muy bueno y de calidad insuperable, frescos y a la mano.

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