Entrepanes Díaz

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The perfect place to enjoy the best of Spanish cuisine, in the form of a sandwich.

Basic Info
Carrer de Pau Claris, 189

Metro: L3 (Green) & L5 (Blue) - Diagonal
L4 (Yellow) & L5 (Blue) - Verdaguer


Few dishes are as typically Spanish as the classic bocadillo, a scrumptious sandwich prepared on a perfectly sliced baguette stuffed with all the ingredients your palate dreams up. No food is truly as satisfying, practical, fun to eat, or easy to make, without having to resort to fast food. Because the only “fast” thing about this kind of dish is the way it’s assembled… and sometimes, the rate at which it’s consumed.

This most basic and functional dish has transcended its simplicity and become a true art form and rich gastronomic experience at Entrepanes Díaz, a restaurant where the sandwich bread and basis is actually the star on the menu. And since the sandwich possibilities are practically endless, Entrepanes Díaz has come up with a solid variety in which originality is king. These delightful sandwiches are made with fresh and high quality products, including two of the clientele’s favorite ingredients: muscles and calamari.

Since it’s a small and informal joint that doesn’t take reservations, the place is often completely full. That’s because it’s popular among those who work in the neighborhood and know that they can get an excellent meal and quick service before clocking back in, as well as tourists who want to dig in to the amazing world of Spanish cuisine. After all, Entrepanes Díaz makes more than just sandwiches, and so adventurous palates can also sample the best in classic Spanish tapas, including some favorites home to the Andalusian region, like cazón en adobo, vinegar-marinated fish; sea anemone served up across the Iberian peninsula; or empanadas made with scallops. It’s almost like going on a journey all over Spain, in the time it takes to eat a sandwich.

  • Authentic cuisine with exceptional service!

    Amazing from start to finish! Jorge was our waiter with cute bow tie and broad, welcoming smile. It was our first night in Spain and he gave us a great orientation to the menu and food, along with his favorites not on the menu, and he brought them to us anyway. My vodka martini was absolute perfection. Ambiance is intimate and warm. Just a delightful experience!

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