Ciutadella Park

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Architecture, history, and century-old trees make this favorite spot one of the best places to spend the morning.

Basic Info
Passeig de Picasso, 21

Metro: L1 (Red) - Arc de Triomf
L4 (Yellow) - Barceloneta
Handicap-accessible facilities

Making the most of the Ciutadella Park goes way beyond sitting on a bench to read, or simply enjoying a peaceful haven in the heart of the big city. Designed towards the end of the 19th century, it was actually the first public park Barcelona planned.

Its name derives from the military fortification that King Philip V ordered in 1715 to control the city. In the 19th century, the land was given to the city, who transformed it into a large public park which, among other things, would go on to host the 1888 Barcelona Universal Exposition. Throughout this historical process, various structures on the premises have been lovingly preserved, including the present-day Parliament of Catalonia, the Museum of Geology, the greenhouse, and the Museum of Zoology.

In addition to these historical buildings, the park also boasts a major architectural attraction in its spectacular waterfall sculpture, representing the birth of Venus, as well as other mythological scenes, designed by various Catalan sculptors of the 19th century (Josep Llimona, Frederic Marès, Pau Gargallo and even, of a young Antoni Gaudí). The park is also home to many other sculptures, all paying homage to noteworthy individuals and momentous events in the region’s history. Last but not least, you’ll also find a life-size mammoth cast in stone.

But at heart, the Ciutadella is really a park. Visitors are encouraged explore its lush vegetation, stretch out and read a book, or simply rest after a day of seeing the city sights. Joining the park-goers is a wide array of local bird species, who like to visit and make their nests in some of the park’s hundred-year-old trees. With a total surface area of 17 hectares, the park is an excellent place to go for a run, take a pleasant afternoon walk, and enjoy one of the city’s most gorgeous green spaces.

  • Chill vibes all around

    One of the larger parks in central Barcelona, Parc de la Ciutadella has alot to offer, being near the Zoo (which requires a ticket purchase), as well as some other historic landmarks like the Castle of the Three Dragons.
    However, even if you arent the photo-taking type, this park has alot of sitting areas (benches or grass patches) where you can escape the crowds in other parts of Barcelona. There are also many locals who use the space for exercise or practising their hobbies so you almost feel like you are immersing with everyday life here.
    Spent a good few hours here just wandering around and lazing with friends in a very people-friendly green space!

  • A relaxing afternoon

    I went to Ciutadella Park last weekend. It is a beautiful and amazing park. It was crowded because it is famous in Barcelona. I guess that every person should visit it. You should visit during the week because I think it will be emptier than in the weekend. You should enjoy with its incredible twilight and its lovely landscapes and people.

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Areas of barcelona Ciutat Vella

To know Ciutat Vella is to know the origins of Barcelona: the old Barcino. The essence of what we know today as the historical nucleus of the city arose from the walled enclosure that surrounded it, where the Roman ruins coexist with medieval Gothic.

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