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If there’s one thing that really stands out in the Barcelona summers, it’s the marvelous city seashore, hands-down the best place to spend long sunny days.

When it’s summertime in Barcelona, the streets are lively, and there’s fun to be had on all the city’s terraces and plazas. But one thing that really stands out in the hot season is the wonderful city beaches.

Its seaside location gives Barcelona a long and diverse coastline, filled with some of the funnest beaches on the shores of the Mediterranean:

The Sant Sebastià Beach: The Sant Sebastià Beach is located in the Old City and, along with the Barceloneta Beach, it’s the city’s oldest seaside spot. It’s one of the longest and most popular beaches in town.

Sant Miquel Beach: The Sant Miquel Beach takes its name from the Sant Miquel del Port Church. It’s located in between the beaches Barceloneta and Sant Sebastià.

Barceloneta Beach: Located alongside one of the city’s oldest and most authentic neighborhoods, the Barceloneta Beach is one of the natives’ favorites. It’s also quite popular with tourists!

Somorrostro Beach: The Somorrostro Beach takes its name from the neighborhood of Somorrostro, a shantytown that saw its last days in 1966. On this beach, you’ll find foreigners and locals alike, taking part in a whole host of fun activities.

Nova Icària Beach: The Nova Icària Beach is pretty calm – for a city beach. It’s definitely the quietest seaside spot you’ll find in town.

Bogatell Beach: Located in the Sant Martí neighborhood, the Bogatell Beach stretches 600 meters and features facilities and everything else you need for a great day at the beach.

Mar Bella Beach: Created as part of the seaside renovations that Barcelona undertook for the 1992 Olympic Games, the Mar Bella Beach is a favorite among the city’s younger crowd. It’s also home to a nude beach where sunbathers need not worry about wearing the proper attire.

Nova Mar Bella Beach: Like Mar Bella Beach, this beach was created as part of the renovations undertaken for the Olympic Games. It’s a favorite for those traveling in from out of town, and is one of the best spots for easy parking.

Llevant Beach: Llevant Beach was created in 2006, so it’s definitely the new beach in town. It’s located in the Sant Martí neighborhood and features various amenities.

Fórum Bathing Zone: Maybe not exactly a beach, this sand-free area provides easy access to the water along a paved set of stairs. It’s a great way to get refreshed while keeping the sand out of your eyes.

More than just Beaches

In addition to soaking up some rays and delighting in the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean, the beaches of Barcelona are chock-full of fun activities, so they’re fun any time of day or night.

Sunrise Alert: One of the most spectacular things to do in Barcelona is watch the sun rise from the horizon over the Mediterranean. It’s rather a sight to behold.

Easy Strolls: Another fun option is to walk the entire coastline of the city, starting at the Paseo Marítimo and continuing up Avinguda Litoral.

Sports: The beaches of Barcelona are great places to play outdoor sports. You’ll find great settings for games of volleyball or soccer, as well as outdoor gyms where you can do your daily training. Barcelona also has its very own sport, Takatà, born and bred in the city, which the natives will teach you how to play; all you need is a tennis ball.

Paddle surfing: Paddle surfing is all the rage; make the most of the trend by relaxing and enjoying the Mediterranean from up close. There’s also different schools that offer classes for doing yoga or pilates to make the most of the experience! It’s definitely one of the best fitness routines to do in the summertime.

Yoga: The benefits yoga brings to the body and mind make it exponentially popular with pretty much all audiences. So it’s not surprising to see many a beachgoer practicing poses on the sandy beaches of Barcelona, where they can truly focus and be present in the best environment the city has to offer.

Chiringuitos: What would the beaches be without little snack bars? Whether you’re seeking vermouth, cold beer, or some yummy tapas, chiringuitos are bound to be an essential component of your day at the beach. In summer months, they’re the natural meeting point for getting together with friends and loved ones.

Night Life: The beaches of Barcelona are hopping, night and day. After taking an evening dip, you’ll find many chiringuitos that stay open up till 2am, offering hammocks, music, and of course, great food and drinks.

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Areas of barcelona Seafront

The space that goes from the foot of Montjuïc to the popular Barceloneta and continues along the beaches of Poble Nou, demonstrates the Mediterranean character of the city and its vocation as a maritime capital.

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