The World Begins With Every Kiss

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Kiss Mural.

Basic Info
Plaça d’Isidre Nonell, 10-12

L1 (Red) & L3 (Green): Plaça Catalunya

L4 (Yellow): Jaume I

The kiss – the ultimate symbol of love – is inimitably represented in the Isidre Nonell Plaza, a charming corner of the Old City just next to the Cathedral of Barcelona, steps from the popular shopping street Portal de l’Àngel, and now the site of the original Kiss mural.

The work, created by photographer Joan Fontcuberta and ceramist Toni Cumella in 2014, and titled “The World Begins With Every Kiss,” is actually a mosaic of tiny photographs which each in some way represent “moments of freedom.” Within a matter of days, over 4,000 Barcelona residents responded to a call from the artist on Instagram, asking them to send their photographs, which today form part of this collective work of art.

Currently, this is the city’s most visited mural, and it unsurprisingly makes the ideal backdrop for capturing spontaneous moments and odes to love as visitors get to know the character of the city’s inhabitants up close and personal.

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Areas of barcelona Ciutat Vella

To know Ciutat Vella is to know the origins of Barcelona: the old Barcino. The essence of what we know today as the historical nucleus of the city arose from the walled enclosure that surrounded it, where the Roman ruins coexist with medieval Gothic.

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