Enjoying vermouth in Barcelona!

Where to get the best vermouth in Barcelona.

Over the last years, vermouth has been recovering followers and/or fans. But… has it ever been out of fashion? Probably not! The tradition of drinking vermouth remains intact today and has become a real art for locals and visitors of our city alike.

Right now, Barcelona is living a golden age of vermouth. Real fans can discover iconic sites where vermouth is served as it used to be. Age-old bodegas, “vermuterías” with a gist, tapas bars with a family tradition or new cool and trendy designer places once more reclaim the glory of this drink.

Let’s set aside that vermouth is “in” again. This renaissance of the “vermouth drinking culture” is not only a social fact, taking place as an enjoyment with family and friends on weekends and especially on Sundays. Traditions are also being recovered, like the pleasure of drinking a vermouth from a gastronomic point of view, within the setting of new foodie experiences for gourmet lovers.

The secret of vermouth lies essentially in the mix of aromatic herbs that provide bitter and sweet flavours, making it a unique creation. Vermouth is made of young wine, normally white wine, with a mild graduation of 11º/12º. Later, a mix of botanicals like aromatic herbs, absinthe, citrus fruits, and spices, macerated in alcohol, is added. These are responsible for the distinctive aromas and flavours of vermouth.

What’s more, vermouth rarely comes alone. On the contrary, it almost always goes hand in hand with potato crisps, stuffed olives or whole olives, a selection of canned sea food, like mussels, cockles, razor clams or clams... and with croquettes, calamari, canapés, or classical Spanish tapas.

The art of drinking a good vermouth.