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This museum is promoted by the Provincial Pastisseria Guild of Barcelona.

Basic Info
Calle del Comerç, 36

Metro: L4 (Yellow) - Jaume I
L1 (Red) - Arc de Triomf

Bus: H14 & V19
Handicap-accessible facilities

Since the 15th century, chocolate has played a major role in the social and economic fabric of Barcelona’s Old City. Indeed, the port served as the starting point for this special product’s spread throughout the marketplaces of the European capitals.

The Chocolate Museum explores the origins of chocolate, its arrival on the European continent, and its simultaneous entry into mythology and the marketplace, on the basis of its medicinal, aphrodisiac, and nutritional properties.

The mx Museum tells this story and more from within a historical building which itself enjoyed a close relationship to chocolate; the centuries-old convent of Sant Agustí (XIV-XV century), was actually used as a barracks in 1750 by the Bourbon army, where chocolate was on the military menu.

Today, the Museum is at the service of the general population, who can learn all about the cultural and historical aspects surrounding this delicious food, and enhance their sensory and intellectual appreciation of the treat and how it is made. In addition to a wide variety of activities offered, the Museum also hosts educational programs geared towards school groups.

  • Un tiquet comestible y unas monas para no olvidar

    En su visita a Barcelona, os recomiendo tomar una taza de chocolate caliente con un croissant en el Museo de Chocolate, en Barcelona. La entrada cuesta 6 euros y el tiquet es comestible, una barra de chocolate.
    Si se viaja con niños pequeños, se puede reservar una actividad en familia, pero habría que reservarla con tiempo, pues se agotan rápido.
    En el Museo se pueden ver pedazos de la historia, cultura y arquitectura de Barcelona, elaboradas de chocolate en forma de mona. Es increíble cómo recuerdan piezas de arte!

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