Speakers at The Corner: Cristina Inés

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The second session of Speakers at The Corner will bring us Cristina Inés, a whole survivor who will teach us to live life facing reality with optimism.

Basic Info
The Corner Hotel - Carrer Mallorca, 178
L5 (Blue): Hospital Clínic
Thursday, June 23rd, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Afternoons at The Corner are magic. From now on, they will also have an activist role thanks to Speakers at The Corner, where the role of women in today's society will be highlighted. To do this, once a month, a speaker - a woman with a history - will share her experiences with the attendees, while addressing issues such as what should be the role and situation of women in the current socio-economic framework.

The second speaker of this cycle of talks will be Cristina Inés, a cancer survivor, as she defines herself in her Instagram profile, from where every day she inspires positivism and desire to live to her almost 70,000 followers.

During the talk, she will present her book 'Happiness ... Loading', where, from her experience after having overcome a cancer and having lost a daughter because of this disease, collects more than 100 writings to squeeze life to the fullest. 'In the past, I was what life let me be. Now I am what I want from life.'

All this and much more is what we will discover in the second meeting of Speakers at The Corner.

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