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The Catalan writer of Indian origin, Asha Miró, will be the first guest at Speakers at The Corner afternoons.

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The Corner Hotel - Carrer Mallorca, 178
L5 (Blue): Hospital Clínic
April 24, 7pm

Afternoons at The Corner are magic. From now on, they will also have an activist role thanks to Speakers at The Corner, where the role of women in today's society will be highlighted. To do this, once a month, a speaker - a woman with a history - will share her experiences with the attendees, while addressing issues such as what should be the role and situation of women in the current socio-economic framework.

The first speaker of this cycle of talks will be the Catalan writer, of Indian origin, Asha Miró, who, 15 years ago, surprised us with 'The Daughter of the Ganges', a book that told from a personal point of view such an important experience as the adoption and the search of one's own roots.

Asha Miró, who during all these years has fought for equality not only of gender, but also of races and opportunities, is clear that books should "stir consciences", that is why they are also a weapon for the "activist" that lives in her since she first traveled to her native country and stumbled into reality
that she could have lived as a woman.

All this and much more is what we will discover in the first meeting of Speakers at The Corner.

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