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Girl power DJ session at The Corner Hotel where women play a starring role.

Basic Info
The Corner Bar - Carrer Mallorca, 178

Metro: L5 (Blue), Hospital Clínic

Saturday, from 7:30 p.m to 10:30 p.m.

Saturday night comes with a strong claim to The Corner Hotel: electronic music sessions, offered by 5 great DJs, which show that women have much to say in the current music scene.

Jess Hologram, Lala Hirsch, Lau Neve, Raquel Leah and Dj Didi will be responsible for bringing the music with sessions loaded with Girl Power. All while enjoying exclusive mixes made with Absolut Elyx luxury vodka.

The name Elyx is given by the combination of the words Lyx, "luxury" in Swedish, and Elixir, which literally means "magic formula", thus making reference to the formulas, methods and experience in vodkamaking that Absolut has been obtaining for centuries.

Every drop of Absolut Elyx is produced using winter wheat grown in one single estate in southern Sweden: the Råbelöf estate, which has been producing wheat since the 13th century. The terroir of this farm allows to cultivate an optimum grain that, in turn, allows distilling a vodka of exceptional quality where the character of the wheat can really be appreciated.

Copper plays a key role in the elaboration of this sophisticated beverage: to obtain the perfect pure alcohol, maximum contact with copper is ensured through a copper catalytic process. Once this crude alcohol is obtained, it is further rectified using a 1921 copper still that is operated manually by using traditional skills and techniques known only to a select few. This process gives Absolut Elyx its famous and silky flavor and exceptionally smooth finish.

Join the Girl Power movement and start Saturday night in the best way at The Corner Hotel.

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