Scotch Whisky Tasting

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Premium Scotch Whisky tasting at Hotel Jazz.

Basic Info
Hotel Jazz - Carrer de Pelai, 3
L1 (Red) & L2 (Purple): Universitat
Thursdays, from 6:00 p.m.

Are you passionate about whiskey? Can you distinguish flavor notes imperceptible to other people?

If you are in love with the malt drink par excellence and you think you are able to distinguish between the different nuances of this exceptional distillate, Hotel Jazz invites you to participate in a select tasting of Scotch Whiskeys.

The tasting will be composed of three extraordinary Single Malts:

  • Glenmorangie The Original: A Single Malt aged for 10 Years, which perfectly illustrates the elegance and floral spirit of Glenmorangie. This whiskey is the result of mixing a delicate distillate that comes from the highest stills of Scotland with first and second year American oak barrels, where it is left to mature for ten long years in which the drink develops a perfect balance between sweetness and complexity. The result is a mature distillate with a soft, sweet and creamy flavor, in which aromas of ripe citrus and peaches with hints of vanilla can be appreciated.
  • Knockando 12 years: This whiskey has been distillated with the same process for more than 100 years. Each bottle of Knockando contains the agricultural products of a single season, something that distinguishes it from almost all other malt whiskeys, in addition, dyes are never added, which is why the depth of color in consecutive bottlings varies at times. The maturation of this drink takes place in oak barrels, where it is aged for 12 years. The result is a very delicate Speyside whiskey, fruity and subtle, with a mild flavor but complex layers of flowers, nutty notes and a light smoky touch.

  • Macallan Amber: Whiskey Macallan Amber belongs to the Macallan 1824 range of whiskeys, which is characterized by eliminating the minimum age of the whiskey from the label, based solely on the sensations offered by the colors of each bottle. The Macallan distillery is famous for using unusual small copper stills to provide the whiskey with maximum contact with copper, which helps in the concentration of the new distillates. These stills are so famous that they even appear on the 10-pound notes of the Bank of Scotland. The main ingredients of all Macallan distillates are the Spanish oak barrels cured in sherry and the American oak barrels cured with bourbon, which provide 60% of the flavor and aromas of the whiskey. This also allows all colors to be natural, and no Macallan product contains artificial colors. The Macallan Amber, which gets its name from its powerful amber color, presents floral flavors, with citrus tones at the beginning, to later give rise to a chorus of notes of vanilla and freshly harvested grains. On the palate you can see notes of fresh green apples and lemons that melt with cinnamon

Join Hotel Jazz every Thursday afternoon and discover if you have the makings of being a real Whiskey Sommelier!

The Whiskeys Tastings are free for guests staying at NN Hotels, although places are limited, so it is recommended to check availability at reception.

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