Pink Party

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Cocktail Masterclass with Beefeater Pink, the punk gin.

Basic Info
Hotel REC Barcelona - Carrer Rec Comtal, 17

Metro: L1 (Red) - Arc de Triomf

From 6:30pm to 9pm

Beefeater London invites you to participate in this fun cocktail Masterclass hosted at one of the old city’s funkiest hotels, Hotel REC Barcelona.

The class brings out the ginmaker’s bolder side, with the punk gin Beefeater Pink, boasting a smooth and intense flavor, infused with ingredients like strawberry, citrus, and juniper, which delivers its distinctive pink tint.

And as in any party worth its salt, there will be good music, which in this case will delight us with personal versions of great songs from the American Song Book.

There’s no better way to enjoy this bold and refreshing drink than at the new Hotel REC Barcelona, a young, urban, and innovative hotel with a character all its own.

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