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Enjoy, at Seventy Barcelona, the afterwork that is called to become a classic on Thursday nights at l'Eixample.

Basic Info
The White Hall - Seventy Barcelona - Còrsega, 344 - 352

Metro: L5 (Blue), Diagonal

From 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Although there are many afterworks, none taste like Thursday afternoons, when it already smells like a weekend. For all those who turnthat day into their greatest moment to socialize, disconnect or simply relax, Seventy Barcelona offers every week a session of electronic music with different beats accompanied by harmonious tunes of Sax or Fiddle, often simulating the same tune played by the DJ.

The band in charge of this singular musical proposal are The Groov & Sounds, a group whose motto is that music is life and who invite us all to live a unique experience in which, in addition to discovering a unique space in Barcelona such as Seventy's hall, we will be able to enjoy the no-time.

There is no better plan for your Thursday afterwork!

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