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An evening of cinema where you can relive some of the great classics of the seventh art.

Basic Info
Hotel 1898 - La Rambla, 109
L3 (Green): Liceu
From 5:00 p.m. to 00:00

Freshly made popcorn, first level cocktails, a speakeasy atmosphere and live music. That's what Hotel 1898 offers every Tuesday and Wednesday in its Cinema Evenings.

From 5 p.m. to 24:00, the H1898 will bring a bit of Hollywood to the heart of Las Ramblas in Barcelona. The hall of the hotel will become a classic cinema, with ushers and popcorn included, in which visitors can enjoy projections of classic scenes of the seventh art, accompanied by live soundtrack performances and premium cocktails by three brands of international renown:

  • Martini, the vermouth par excellence. Martini vermouths mix Trebbiano wine from Emilia Romagna and Catarratto wine from Sicily as a canvas to which, later, all the botanical knowledge that the brand has acquired for almost two centuries is applied: aromatic herbs, fragrant fruits, exotic woods and spices captivating combine in different amounts and forms to produce 'dry mixtures'. The interaction that takes place between these herbs in the extraction process creates the unique taste of Martini.

  • Grey Goose, the vodka made with the best French ingredients: soft winter wheat from the Picardy region and natural spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue. This vodka is distilled only once to ensure that its extraordinary character remains intact. The result is a natural, rich and full-bodied sensation in the mouth. A vodka with delicate and exquisite flavor, which can be tasted on ice, and combined with a Martini.

  • Tequila Patrón, whose tequilas are made 100% with Agave Azul in the hacienda that the brand has in Jalisco, Mexico. The production process of these tequilas is totally handmade and only 60 people participate in it. In addition, each of its bottles is made by hand by craftsmen who work the glass to create and mold them, making them completely unique and, as they define them: "perfectly imperfect". For this reason, all bottles are numbered by hand, to certify their quality.

If you want to feel like an authentic celluloid star, do not hesitate ... Come to the Cinema Evenings of Hotel 1898!

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