American Beer Tasting

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Tasting of American-style craft beers at Hotel Jazz.

Basic Info
Hotel Jazz - Carrer Pelai, 3
L2 (Purple): Universitat
7:00 p.m.

Hotel Jazz offers, three times a week, a small selection of American-style craft beers, with the help of Edge Brewing, so you can taste different types of beer and discover their differences:

  • Hoptimista: An original American IPA from the West Coast, this IPA has bold levels of hop aroma, bitterness and flavor. Dry hopped in two stages, give it a piney, citrusy and soft fruit flavor. This beer has been voted Top 50 New Beer Worldwide.

  • Voila!: A blonde beer with delicate spiciness, with some earthy notes, and aromatic tones of soft fruit. Light body with medium to high carbonation.

  • Ziggy: this Session IPA is the perfect beer for hops lovers, its flavor presents a kaleidoscope of luscious aromatic hops accentuated by a tasty smooth malt in the finish. An ideal drink to sit back, relax and let your mind wander away from worldly concerns.

  • Apassionada: a Passion Fruit Berliner Weisse type beer, inspired by the hot summers of Barcelona, when a truly refreshing beer is needed. Among its ingredients we find the hibiscus, which gives it a nice pink blush, and the passion fruit, which brings a touch of acidity to the mix.

Edge Brewing was created in Barcelona in 2013 by two Americans so eager to join the craft beer revolution in Europe that they brought their own brewery. Combining finely engineered American brewing equipment, the best ingredients available and many years of brewing experience, they are making fresh and genuine American craft beer for the local market. Their new brewing home is located in the district of Poble Nou, in one of the most exciting cities in the world, Barcelona.

The beer tasting is free for customers staying at NN Hotels, although places are limited, so it is recommended to check before reception.

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