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Musical cycle of Blues, Soul & Pop at The Corner Bar.

Basic Info
The Corner Bar - Carrer Mallorca, 178

Metro: L5 (Blue), Hospital Clínic

Fridays, from 7:30 p.m to 10:30 p.m.

On Friday afternoons, The Corner Hotel offers you an ideal plan: a good cocktail at The Corner Bar, while enjoying an excellent musical cycle.

For this, every Friday the hall of the hotel will be filled with the best live music by a different artist each week, where some of the most legendary blues, soul and pop songs will be revisited, as well as their own creations.

And nothing better to enjoy good music than an excellent rum like Havana Club, rum made from the heart in Cuba, where rum is much more than a product. It is an expression of Cuban culture. It is present in the life of Cubans in happy times, in sad times, it is the essential element of their existence. Nowadays, relying on the unique know-how of its Maestros del Ron Cubano, passed on from generation onto generation, Havana Club has kept alive the art of distilling, aging and blending premium rums.

It takes 15 years to become a Maestro del Ron Cubano, it is not just a technically qualified professional in chemistry or engineering, they are guardians of the cultural legacy and quality of Cuban rum, with a natural talent to follow the entire production process: from the reception and quality check of raw materials, to fermentation, distillation, aging and blending.

Havana Club, with its respect for the Cuban tradition, has been chosen to represent Cuba in the world, being recognized as the rum that truly represents the pride and soul of the country, becoming today one of the most famous brands in Latin America.

On Fridays, do not stay Alone at Night and come to The Corner Bar to start the weekend in the best way!

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