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Country and Rock acoustic sessions at The Corner Hotel

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The Corner Bar - Carrer Mallorca, 178

Metro: L5 (Blue), Hospital Clínic

Thursday, from 7:30 p.m to 10:30 p.m.

Happy hour at The Corner Bar is already a fixture for Thursday nights in the Eixample. This unique event takes place in a distinctive and open space that becomes a meeting point for guests and locals with the best international music by Cece Giannotti, which offers a mix of original songs and covers of country, rock and ambient music performed in English, French and Italian, bringing sounds from all over the world while guests enjoy exquisite cocktails made with Plymouth Gin.

This gin shares a long history with the British Royal Navy: Plymouth is a small town on the southwest coast of England. It is home to the British Royal Navy and also to Plymouth Gin since its founding in 1793. Historically, Royal Navy officers were assigned a regular ration of Plymouth Gin to supplement their salaries.

Since its creation in 1793, Plymouth Gin has always used artisan methods to produce gin in small batches. Nowadays, the same copper still is used, which is more than 150 years old. This method contributes to the distinctive soft flavor that defines this gin. In addition, the original recipe of Plymouth Gin dates from 1793 and during these more than 220 years the same seven botanical ingredients have been used, whose exact proportion is kept secret. Each ingredient has a role to play in the profile of taste, for example, the sweetness of orange and angelica, which balance and complement the bitter taste of juniper.

Another key element in the development of Plymouth Gin is the local crystalline water of Dartmoor, which has been softened by running through peat and on granite before reaching the distillery. This unique source of water contributes to the smooth and fresh taste of Plymouth Gin and the rich taste in the mouth.

There is no better way to face the weekend than to enjoy a good cocktail and the best live music at The Corner Hotel!

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