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Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, Hotel REC Barcelona offers a unique tasting of beers made in Barcelona.

Basic Info
Hotel REC Barcelona - Rec Comtal, 19
L1 (Red): Arc de Triomf
From 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30 p.m., Hotel REC Barcelona invites you to participate in its unique tasting of beers made in Barcelona.

The tasting is made up of four beers:

  • La Bella Lola: A gastronomic beer. Made with malts and wheat brought from Germany, and with a very special hops brought from the United States, CITRA, which brings citrus notes both on the nose and in the mouth. It is a beer of only 4 degrees but with a lot of personality.

  • The Barcelona Beer: A beer inspired by the city of Barcelona. It is a Pale Ale, a soft and refreshing beer. A beer with more body and bitterness than the classic pilsner. In the mouth we find a subtle citrus touch and a moderate bitterness. On the nose we can find touches of pine and pepper.

  • La Niña Barbuda: This beer is a Brown Ale, neither light nor black, halfway. In this beer you can notice the toasted malt with notes of coffee, caramel, dark chocolate and nuts. Despite its graduation (7th) it is a very light and refreshing beer.

  • The Flying Pigs: This beer is an Indian Pale Ale, IPA, with a strong character. The IPA stand out for its large amount of hops, which gives them a characteristic and pronounced bitterness in the mouth, as well as resinous flavors and aromas.

The beer tasting is free for customers staying at NN Hotels, although places are limited, so it is recommended to check before reception.

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