REC & RED Party

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Exclusive party at Hotel REC Barcelona, with premium gin Beefeater 24 and music by DJ Verrier.

Basic Info
Hotel REC Barcelona - Carrer Rec Comtal, 17
L1 (Red): Arc de Triomf
From 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Hotel REC Barcelona and Beefeater Gin present the REC & RED Party, a party with a cocktail masterclass and a fabulous DJ session.

The chosen setting for this special celebration is the REC Lounge, on the hotel’s terrace, bringing you unbeatable views overlooking the city of Barcelona.

The cocktail of choice, courtesy of the London-born brand, is based on the premium gin Beefeater 24, whose botanical ingredients feature juniper, citrus, almond, and teas from East Asia, left to deliciously macerate for 24 hours before being distilled.

The musical backdrop is designed by DJ Verrier, offering a unique session that celebrates eclectic tunes and refreshingly steers clear of tired stylistic tropes.

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