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We’re art lovers at Seventy Barcelona. If you’re an art lover too, you can’t afford to miss some of the displays we’ll have at The White Hall.

Basic Info
Seventy Barcelona - Carrer Còrsega, 344 - 352

Metro: L5 (Blue), Diagonal

Every 15 days, November through April.

Tuesdays are art days in the hall of Seventy Barcelona. Every 15 days, private collectors with ties to the Catalonian capital will be presenting their favourite piece of art, within the context of a private event. The chosen work will then be on exhibit for a two-week period, so you have ample time to come and see it. So if you’re an art lover, Seventy Barcelona is your next destination.

And that’s because Seventy Barcelona is a place where anything can happen, and everything is possible. It’s a place where something’s always going on somewhere, turning a quiet corner into a special moment that gives rise to pleasure, entertainment, delight, and even work, on occasion. Because at Seventy Barcelona, we know how rich life is, and we’re here to celebrate it, together, and in all its facets.

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