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Over 80 museums in the Barcelona metropolitan area will participate in this year’s annual Museum Night on Saturday, May 18th, showing works featured in hundreds of different temporary and permanent exhibitions, and absolutely free.

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This year, Museum Night offers Barcelona residents and tourists alike a unique opportunity to view a vast trove of artworks. In total, over 80 museums in the Barcelona metropolitan area will participate in the event, displaying works from 100 different permanent and temporary exhibitions.

This initiative, hosted in the Catalonian capital since 2008, was founded to celebrate International Museum Day, observed every year on May 18th. On this special day, cities around the world organize thousands of activities to bring people from in and out of town to museums they might not otherwise get to, emphasizing the immense value that these sites play in the lives of our cities, as cultural beacons and sources of inspiration, showing countless paintings, sculptures, and works in other artistic mediums.

That’s why, in addition to the usual temporary and permanent exhibitions already on the calendar, the event also gives rise to a variety of special events, all offered free of cost, including contemporary dance performances, visual art installations, and artists’ talks. These unique occasions are even easier to enjoy in the most unique of environments.

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