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Europe’s premier event for all seagoing aficionados, the Boat Show celebrates Barcelona’s rich nautical past and displays the latest in international boating trends, all in all making for a great reason to visit the coast of the Catalonian capital.

Basic Info
Moll d’Espanya - Port Vell

Metro: L3 (Green) - Drassanes

The Barcelona International Boat Show is one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious events. The 2018 edition attracted over 55,000 visitors, including owners, distributors, journalists, and overall boating enthusiasts. Participants get to admire the fine specimens on view both in and outside of the water, getting a close-up look at all the products and services affiliated with the wide world of navigation: pneumatics, shore boats, personal watercraft, electric boats, motors, paints, sails, tows, fishing tackle, charter boats, and marinas. On top of the commercial offerings, the event also features fun, competitive, and cultural activities designed to celebrate and promote seamanship.

It’s a place where boating enthusiasts get the opportunity not only to see the newest trends emerging from the industry’s top manufacturers, but also engage with them, share feedback, and express the everyday needs that come up in the daily practice of the whole gamut of aquatic activities like sailing, fishing, diving, or kite-surfing. And that’s only possible because truly every stakeholder on the scene is at the event: technologists, producers, sailing schools, and other professionals who wouldn’t dare to miss Spain’s foremost seagoing affair. If you like the water, this event is simply a must. And if you aren’t sure, you’ll probably have a better handle on things after you seize the opportunity to board a yacht for the very first time.

That’s without a doubt one of the highlights of the fair, which has over 670 ships on view, and 180 yachts and superyachts moored in the shores of Port Vell. In addition, during the days of the fest, the organizers coordinate various events, where you can learn how to surf at the port, get to know the Fun Beach area, and even take part in Navigation Night, one of the fair’s most exciting components. This journey, which normally takes place at sundown on Friday, welcomes participants into a truly unique environment with music, tastings, and a wide array of activities in which the majority of exhibitors participate, transforming each stand into pure magic with the thrill of the sea by night, enhanced by music, food, and lots of surprises.

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