Festival Grec 2019

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Basic Info
Teatre Grec - Passeig Santa Madrona s/n
L1 (Red) y L3 (Green): Espanya

Few festivals hosted in Spain enjoy the prestige and charm of the Festival GREC, Barcelona’s top summertime cultural festival. Now in its 42nd year, the fest celebrates theatre, dance, circus, and other live music performances. Although the event has grown so large that it’s now hosted by multiple venues across the city, its emblematic home and main stage remains the Teatre Grec on Montjuïc, an open-air forum constructed for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition.

That special setting is what gives the fest its name, and indeed the venue is still one of the hallmarks of the event; viewers can enjoy live top-notch theatre in a classical performance space while taking in the warm Mediterranean breeze atop one of the city’s highest points. These magical elements have made GREC a favorite on the European cultural agenda.

The 2019 festival is geared towards a wide and diverse audience. The programming has been structured around thematic itineraries embracing the entire planet, from the Pacific to Australia to New York, rendered through the expression of artists inspired by place, and delivering performances to delight audiences under the starry Barcelona sky.

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