Estrella Damm Master Final 2019

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Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona will host the Estrella Damm Master, the international padel tournament that brings together the biggest names in the sport.

Basic Info
Palau Sant Jordi. Avda de l’Estadi s/n

Metro: L1 (Red) & L3 (Green) - Espanya
FGC (Ferrocarrils): L8 - Espanya
Bus: 13, 55 & 150

Barcelona, the world capital of padel. That’s at least how it will feel from December 19th through the 22nd, when the best players in the professional circuit will visit the Catalonian capital to become the 2019 Masters of this popular sport. This tournament-of-tournaments has moved its headquarters from Madrid to Barcelona in order to break records, in terms of participants, spectators, and fans. And to do that, it’s got to have a venue that’s up to the task. The Palau Sant Jordi, the stadium of choice for the EuroLeague Basketball finals, and the top championships in handball, indoor soccer, and swimming, now sets the stage for the most important tournament in the international padel circuit.

The arena’s enormous size and flexible seating configuration makes it even more likely that this year’s event will break records in audience attendance, surpassing the 9,000 viewers who witnessed the tournament last year in Madrid. That outcome would also help solidify mounting interest in a sport that had its heyday in Argentina in the 1990s, but has grown in popularity all over the world in the last 10 years. In that short time, it’s garnered increasing relevance in Spain, with steadily climbing numbers of licenses, topping out at about five million amateur players.

Spain’s interest in padel can be readily observed in the increasing number of Spanish players among international rankings, the top spots of which had been previously reserved for Argentines. And now, legends like Belasteguín and Pablo Lima are joining the ranks of Francisco Navarro, Juan Lebrón, Alejandro Galán, Juan Mieres, Uri Botello or Javier Ruiz, all in the Men’s Top Ten. And it’s not just the male players who are pulling their weight; the women’s category is simply astounding, with Spanish-born players counting for nine of the Women’s Top Ten, including Marta Marrero, Alejandra Salazar, Marta Ortega, Ariana Sánchez, and Maria José Sánchez. These stars are among those who the city will be able to cheer on and celebrate for a short three days in December.

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