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On the 3rd of August, Barcelona hosts the Barna'n'roll, its punk-rock and punk-rock festival held at the Poble Espanyol.

Basic Info
Poble Espanyol
L1 (Red) & L3 (Green): Espanya

Whatever kind of music you’re into, Barcelona has a festival for it! That’s partly how Barna’n’roll has established itself firmly into the city’s summertime series of music festivals. In the wake of the successes of other fests, Barna’n’roll was born in 2016 with the mission of bringing the best of international punk and punk-rock to the Catalonian capital. This year’s event is slated for August 3rd.

Much more than just a series of concerts, Barna’n’roll is a huge party that unfolds in classic festival format, ideal for those who understand music as an instrument for fun and transgression, and who rejoice in the recent rebirth of this musical genre in the region, with the sounds of bands like Batec or Anti-Patiks, well-loved by audiences but previously falling outside the bounds of other music festivals firmly focused on other musical styles.

The 2019 event will feature iconic performers like The Offspring, who return to Barcelona for the first time in 10 years, and 25 years after recording what’s widely considered their best album, Smash. Other beloved groups making their mark on the lineup include the Canadian melodic hardcore band Propagandhi, Talco, Blowfuse, and Panellet.

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